Leaving your furry friend at a boarding facility can be a stressful experience for both you and your dog. However, with proper preparation, you can ensure that your dog has a comfortable and enjoyable stay. In this article, we’ll share the top 5 ways to prepare your dog for boarding at Penn Valley Paws.

  • Gradually acclimate your dog to being alone Start by leaving your dog alone for short periods, gradually increasing the duration over time. This will help your dog become more comfortable with being separated from you and reduce anxiety when it’s time to board.
  • Familiarize your dog with the boarding facility If possible, schedule a visit to Penn Valley Paws before your dog’s stay. This will allow your dog to become familiar with the new environment, reducing stress when it’s time to drop them off.
  • Pack familiar items Bring your dog’s favorite toys, bedding, and a piece of clothing with your scent on it. These familiar items will provide comfort and a sense of security during their stay.
  • Maintain your dog’s routine Provide Penn Valley Paws with detailed information about your dog’s daily routine, including feeding schedules, medication requirements, and any special needs. This will help the staff maintain consistency and minimize disruption to your dog’s routine.
  • Communicate with the staff Share any concerns or specific instructions with the Penn Valley Paws staff. The more information they have about your dog’s personality, preferences, and needs, the better they can provide personalized care.

By following these top 5 tips, you can help your dog feel more at ease during their stay at Penn Valley Paws. Remember, our dedicated staff is here to provide the best possible care for your furry friend, ensuring they have a tail-wagging good time while you’re away


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